March 8, 2017

Matthew the #hugot Singer

If you are a follower on our Instagram account, you may have watched this #hugot song of Matthew.

I called it #hugot song because Daddy and I will sing it every time we'll hear someone who's being emotional. In other words, humuhugot.

When you hear it's lyric "kung wala ka ng maintindihan, kung wala ka ng makapitan... kumapit ka sa akin, hindi kita bibitawan...", it's as if you are saving a person right? So when we know someone who's getting too much emotional, we remind him or her of the song. Which will make him/her laugh so we'll save him/her from crying, haha.

So that's why we call it #hugot song. But seriously, my son loves to sing. He loves singing those teleserye theme songs and even commercial jingles like this one.

He can be a singer or a total performer someday right? As early as now, we give him our full support for his love of music. Daddy bought him a piano while I am planning to buy him a guitar birthday gift. I have yet to find guitar store just like the music stores dayton ohio. But hopefully before his birthday comes, I already bought one.

Does your kids love to sing too?
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