March 29, 2017

Weekend Home DIYs

It has been a long time since I made a post on this site.

Since it's only me and Mommy Maye at home, we spent our weekends by making ourselves busy. My plan was to sit back and watch a complete season of Daredevil but I made worthier tasks.

While, Mommy was doing the cleaning and house chores, I made some do it yourself (DIY) crafts out of wood scraps.

First is this knife organizer.

knife, organizer
Knife Organizer
I made this by joining together two pieces of wood blocks of about ½ inch thick. Smoothen the surface with sand paper then polish with plastic varnish.

I also made this simple cellphone or tablet holder.

cellphone, tablet stand
Wooden cellphone and tablet stand
A slit of about 1 cm wide and 1 cm deep is made into the surface of a wooden block. The surface is then polished with sand paper followed by plastic varnish.

cellphone, DIY, Tablet stand
Wooden cellphone and tablet stand
This is perfect for watching movies on your tablet or phone.

Also, I made wooden board shelves for Matthew’s stuff. However, I haven't fix it on the wall so I will share it next time.

Actually, home improvement and maintenance is a never ending task. We have still loads of home improvements to do like a new room for Matthew and spring cleaning of our master's bedroom. By the way, let me share some helpful cleaning hacks I found at Invitation Homes.

Cleaning Hacks, Invitation Home

Hopefully, we'll accomplish our home improvement plans as much as what we had done last year.

What made your weekend busy?

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