March 21, 2016

Few Holy Week Traditions

We are already half-way March and I am excited with the long vacation due to Holy Week.

Earlier, Mommy and I were talking about different traditions we follow in observance of the Holy Week. Unfortunately, some of these are starting to vanish.

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Here are some traditions and events that we used to follow in observance of the Holy Week.

No meat meals
After the Palm Sunday Mass, we used to proceed to the market and buy a week’s supply which is composed mainly of vegetables, fish and shellfish.

Meats, chicken and pork, are not included in the list. According to the tradition and needs to rely on fish and vegetables. However, on Black Saturday, it is required for every one to have meat or else, mabibingi ka daw. No scientific basis but until now, we still follow this in our home.

Taking a bath not later than 12noon
When we are still kids, they encourage us to take a bath in the morning not later than 12 noon. Oldies told us that after 12 noon, the water will become blood. As a kid, I am curious about this one so I tried once to take a bath in the afternoon and waited to turn the water into a blood, hindi naman nangyari.

No work to avoid accidents
Our parents used to tell us not to work on holidays especially on Thursday and Friday. This is to avoid any untoward incidents that can lead to accidents or wounds. According to traditions, healing process from the accidents during holy week is longer compared to the regular days.

As early as Holy Monday, we can already hear loud sounds where the passion Jesus is being read in a “musical” way. Now, we can only hear these starting Holy Wednesday or Maundy Thursday and ends on Good Friday.

Others used different songs rhythm while reading the passion. However, some could not understand due to “scratchy” sounds. This is perhaps, due to the microphone used. Using earthworks microphones can improve the sound and will help encourage others to join the “pabasa" too.

Bisita Iglesia
This is the tradition where you are going to visit 7 different churches and offer prayers.

Whatever traditions we have in observance of the Holy Week, the most important are we remember the life of Jesus Christ and how he suffers and sacrifice his life to save the mankind.

What other traditions do you know and still observed during Holy Week?
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  1. These traditions are interesting but if I don't believe in them. Many of today's youth don't believe in it too but we have to respect our elders who are still into these traditions.