December 17, 2018

Clear Drug Tests - Pass A Urine, Hair Blood and Saliva Test

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By mimicking a drug user, adolescents want to be remarked, liked or accepted by those around them. The acquaintances say that under the effect of narcotic substances, young people think they overcome their everyday worries and difficulties, and they escape into the illusory safety and well-given state of the drug. Learn at the age of emotional tensions; young people often feel misunderstood by others. Usually, for bullied adolescents, the state of drug use seems the wisest solution. Find out more.

Specialists show that the psychological profile of a teenage consumer dominates neurotic features, effective dependence, intolerance to frustration, separation anxiety, isolation and emotional helplessness, irritability, shyness, and hypersensitivity. The drug retreat makes them feel happy, quiet and confident in any situation.

Studies have also found that drug users have an uncontrollable and demonstrative emotional state and weak impulse control. The cognitive immaturity of the adolescent also limits Self-knowledge, solving their own problems.

Thus, the main risk factors for drug use, especially in adolescents, could be all emotional disturbances, anxiety, depression, insomnia, frustrations, and interpersonal conflicts. More and more drug use is evidence of a barrier still unearthed between people and generations.


Specialists believe that parents, and more precisely their growing ignorance, may be one of the main starting points for drug use. In a world where the big ones run to make money, to give all the best to their children, the real needs of the latter, to communicate, to listen, coordinated and sustained, and being accountable, are left in the shadows or just forgotten. Thus, a teenage child can easily fall into the drug trap for various reasons: being accustomed to parents being all right or cannot conceive something as forbidden. In another situation, a teenage loner, perhaps incomprehensible, left aside by a family, finds a drug-ridden refuge, an oasis of happiness. There is even a variant in which the young consumer was driven only by the desire to affirm in his group, or perhaps to be accepted by others. In other cases, the curiosity or the mirage of a party can make a young man lose his head for a while and let himself be swayed to use drugs. You can go to sites like the link, where you can find out ways of detoxifying yourself before a drug test.

Drug classifications

Two criteria can classify drugs. Thus, we find: legal drugs, admitted: caffeine, tobacco, alcohol and illegal drugs, which are subject to international conventions or national laws (referred to by Law 143/2000 on Combating Illicit Trafficking and Drug Use). Based on the mode of action on the Central Nervous System (CNS), illegal or "abusive" drugs are classified as CNS stimulants: cocaine, amphetamines, crack, CNS depressants: opiates (opium, morphine, heroin, methadone, pethidine, codeine ), barbiturates, tranquilizers, and CNS disruptors.

The most common are marijuana, ethnobotanics, ecstasy, LSD, hallucinogenic fungi, ketamine and, heroin, rarely.

Addiction and solutions

For those who use the latter, there are Integrated Addiction Assistance Center and substitution treatment with opioid agonists.  In the detoxification and treatment center, methadone treatments are administered to those who are hospitalized. At this counseling and treatment center, people of all ages and all social backgrounds come, but most of the clients here are between 14 and 20 years old. They come to counseling, or where appropriate, to treatment, sent by parents, lawyers, psychologists and fewer at their initiative. Two of the ugliest cases that the Center recalls are those of a 15-year-old girl who has abused ethnobotanics, namely a product called Special Gold (mephedrone), and which after four months of consumption has come to surgery, physicians having to exert more than half of the stomach lining that was irremediably compromised. Unfortunately, the girl does not currently have a perfect physical or mental state, being one of the unfavorable developments. A better evolution, however, had the girl's boyfriend, a 17-year-old Olympic woman, with whom she consumed drugs. Although the boy underwent surgery after which he was three meters away from the intestine, he eventually recovered, leaving behind that unfortunate period of his life. Specialists point out that in order to escape this dangerous vice, addicts or consumers who turn to specialists need primarily family support as an essential part in their recovery, and then they need to get involved in something constructive such as activities sports. 

At the level of the society, there is an essential lack of involvement of parents in this issue, being indifferent and poorly trained. The situation could be redressed through special programs for parents on drug use, meetings with parents in educational institutions to seriously debate this issue and indeed better communication would be an important factor in diminishing this phenomenon scale. The most important thing is to get help at the right moment and have people that appreciate them.

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