December 31, 2018

Exploring the World of Vinyl Cutting

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The field of the internet has lots of different content from cat videos, memes, markets and even business websites. However, one of the main topics that people always engage on (aside from debates on politics and religion) are DIY projects. Do it yourself projects are very common nowadays especially with the rise of video sharing. Sites like YouTube and Facebook cultivated this trend even further with pages and channels dedicated to teaching people how to do anything. From recipes to simple hand crafts, there is a ton of virtual information that you can take from these. Some even teach them step by step for beginners. Learn more about this trend by clicking here

One of the main trends we have today is the printing field. There is a lot of projects you can do with a simple printer like pictures and documents. There are also sophisticated printers like the 3D ones which can print from your toys to mechanically functional limbs. It can even be turned into a business like printing stickers, banners and tarps. One of the main products used for this is vinyl.

The “vinyl” that we are talking about here does not refer to the discs that create sounds. However, they do come from the same material called PVC, or polyvinyl chloride. This is the third most produced synthetic material in the world as it can be used in a lot of ways. There are two types of PVC: rigid and flexible. The rigid ones can usually be found on construction materials like pipes, window frames and doors. Flexible PVC is combined with other materials to form smaller objects like signages and music vinyl. On the other hand, there is also self-adhesive vinyl. These things are the kings of sticker paper as these can stick to virtually any place. It is primarily used in advertising materials like banners and posts. It can be shaped in many forms and can be designed to your heart’s content. However, you will need a special tool called a vinyl cutter. 

There are many vinyl cutters out in the market today, each of them having their own advantages. Most of these vinyl cutters have computers attached to them or programs that you can install in your own computer. These tools can help you in designing your vinyl. You can use these on surfaces that usually cannot be posted on like cars and gadgets. You can also use vinyl to “print” on shirts and other apparel. Even though it acts like a printer, it does not have any ink. You need to use a colored vinyl first as it is only mounted with a small blade. This cuts across the surface of vinyl to create shapes. It can also be used on other thin materials like specialty papers. If you are looking for a vinyl cutter, check them out online and visit sites like to get more information.

There are three things you need to know before purchasing a vinyl cutter:

arts, crafts, DIY, vinyl cutting,

1. Purpose

You need to determine first why you will use the product. If you are going to start a business, it is important to acquire an industrial vinyl cutter. There are also mini ones which can be used for small projects and simple sticker papers. Usually, vinyl cutters vary in width and it depends on your acquired vinyl as well. They are usually sold in sheets or in rolls. You can also customize the program that you will use for design.  Adobe and Corel are very popular amongst graphic designers. 

2. Material

As these cutters are typically used only for vinyl, it is important to know the product you are buying. You can ask and check for its capabilities to make sure that it is what you are looking for. There are even vinyl cutters which can cut through thin magnets. Learning these advantages can help you determine which cutter you will buy.

3. Cost

Lastly, it is best to check your own budget for a cutter. Prices are getting competitive so it will be your advantage to check other sellers for comparison. Know which brand or model will give you your money’s worth and it can help you in your various projects. 
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