September 7, 2013

Photography Tips: Capturing Wildlife-Eye Contact

I decided to dedicate Saturdays for some photography tips I gathered from different resources like books and internet. This time, I will try to have series of tips in wildlife photography since one of my dreams is to take photos in the wild.

Wildlife is one of the challenging subjects when it comes to photography  since you have to deal with wild animals. The risk is there but one that really challenging is that animals are moving unlike flowers that are just stationary.

First tip is to keep an eye contact. There are some animals that are good to take photos because of their color or some amazing features. It is not bad but it is better to focus on their eyes as much as possible. Never mind the other parts if it will become blurred or out of focus. Animals looking directly on your lens create a connection between the subject and the audience. This also reveals personality of the animals making it more interesting compared to animals looking out of your lens.

Below is an example of capturing wildlife by having eye contact:

Photo by :Grant Ordelheide
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  1. wow! you're the one who took this photos? beautiful..


    1. the first one only. the second is grabbed from the net. thanks by the way