January 20, 2014

The Felt Cloth Bows

The short crochet break we had gave me a chance to explore other craft materials like felt cloth. I remember that I have few sheets in our box and I waste no time looking for what crafty things I can do out the felt cloths. 

Luckily, I got a batch of MTO felt cloth bows and I must say these are easier to make as compared to crochet bows.

Felt Bows
These are souvenirs for baptism. The size is 3.5"x2.5". Daddy cut the rectangles, while I made them into bows like that using a glue gun. I then attached a thin garter band that will serve as tie.

Here are the black felt cloth bows.
The light blue felt cloth bows.

And the fuchsia pink felt cloth bows.

fuchsia pink felt cloth bows
I want to make more felt cloth craft projects in the coming days. Problem is we already start accepting crochet MTOs so that means I have less free time again. But just like the saying "if there's a will, there's a way," I am so sure I can find time to make more felt cloth crafts. Because just like crochet, they are also adorable.

So that's our new project and hopefully I can post more of our felt cloth crafts in the future.

Happy crafting!

P.S.: I got the pattern of the felt cloth bows here Craftiness is Not Optional. I just changed the size :)

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  1. Awesome bows sis! Keep it up. I hope that this will be a successful business to look forward to in the future :)

  2. I found your blog really interesting....! and you're maintaining it very well.

  3. We got lots of stuff pa for other crafts like clips and headbands. Kaso we are already receiving lots of inquiries and orders in crochet items. hehehe

  4. Those are cute sis.. I actually bought few ribbons this afternoon, along with the crochet yarns because I'm planning to make bows and ribbons for my girl also. The problem is saan ako hahanap ng clips dito sa amin. I hope I can visit Manila and get some raw materials. :-(

  5. My daughter in high school makes felt crafts too like the fiona of adventure's time hat. Nung nilagay nya sa FB people were ordering from her haha. sabi ko sabihin mo sa kanila antay sila hanggang summer

  6. Daughter 2 is into crafts. she did a handsewn fiona from adventure time hat and she received lots of orders after posting the pics on fb. I told her wait sila till summer to get their orders hehe