January 28, 2014

A Perfect Valentines Gift

January is almost over just like that. Time flies so fast right? We will welcome the love month in a few days. And for sure, most of you are looking forward to Valentine's day. 

Speaking of Valentines, do you already have gift ideas? How about this silver tone buckel bangle bracelet you can find at Michael Kors jewelry?
Michael Kors Astor Silver Tone Buckle Bangle Bracelet
photo source
It's been a tradition to give gifts to our dear ones every Valentine's day right? It does not necessarily to your dear ones, but you can also give gifts to your moms, dads, siblings, friends. Anyone who's dear to you. And it's not also necessarily an expensive gift because sometimes a kiss and hugs will do =)

But of course, if Daddy A will give me that buckle bangle bracelet I would definitely love it. Who's a girl who doesn't love jewelries anyway?

Do you also have gift ideas for Valentines? Let me hear it =)

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  1. Hmmm... calling Daddy A, here's a clue on what you have to give Mommy Maye for Vday hahaha!

  2. Ui, Daddy Allan, may nagpaparinig oh. I don't know any lady who wouldn't appreciate a piece of jewelry! ;-)

    1. hahaha...She barely wear bracelets na ganito kasi...I'll think for another na lang..hehehe

  3. I am still thinking of what to give my boyfriend nga eh. Why do I always feel it's hard to give guys gifts. :(