January 15, 2014

First MTO for 2014

Our break from crocheting end too soon because we can't help but accept orders before the 2nd week of January as scheduled. We are not used to not crocheting at night so I told Daddy why not accept few orders and worked on it. So let me share our first MTO for 2014.

Corchet Mickey and Minnie Mouse hats, chucks and ugg boots

As usual, Daddy A made the two hats while I made the chucks and the sole and top toe of the ugg boots. Daddy finished the strap of the ugg boots and do the anchor design as requested by my lovely client.

All the sleepless nights are worth it when you know your client is happy and satisfied with our works. And here's the proof.

photo credits to Ms. Jenna

Looking at the photo, I told Daddy A that the hats fit the two adorable babies well. Parang sinukat talaga.

I am looking forward to working with more Moms, and even Dads, in the next days. MTOs keep on coming and I'm always thankful with the trust our clients are giving us.

To view more of our creations, please visit Mom and Dad Crochet and you may place your order(s) at Momaye's Shoppe on Facebook.

Happy crocheting!

P.S.: I asked Ms. Jenna for the permission to post the photos of her kids. She said yes :)

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  1. You have lovely creations Sis.Really cute! I'm glad that you were able to squeeze those projects in your hectic schedule. Cheers to wonderful Moms! :)

  2. I bet these hats are selling like hotcakes? They are such fun and beautifully made. You do a wonderful job and it makes me wish i had a little one to treat to a hat. :-)

  3. I left a comment with my other account. Did it go through? Saw no confirmation...