January 14, 2013

Crochet Rose Headband

I love headbands! It's easy to crochet and I love all the flowers you can add for embellishments.

This time I made a crochet rose flower and attached it to a crochet band. I found an easy pattern here. I just make some adjustments like putting adjustable buttons.

Crochet Rose Headband

You will need:
Acrylic yarn (2 colors for the flower and band)
Small buttons
Hook (6/10)

Here's how to do it:

For the Headband

CH50 or the until you reach the desired size. Make sure to add a little adjustment about 0.5-1.0 inch. This is the original size may decrease as we do HDC back.

HDC in the 3rd CH from hook until the last CH. CH4. Working in the opposite side, HDC until the the last st. Sl st to the first HDC.

Rose Flower

CH 52. SC in the 2nd CH from the hook. SC acrosse. CH1, turn. [SC in next st, 4DC in next st, SC in next st] repeat this 17 times to make 17 petals. Fasten off and leave about 18" tail for sewing to headband.

Roll your scallop into a flower of your desired look. Once okay, attach a needle to the tail and sew all the petals all together in place.

Sew the rose onto the headband. Measure out where you want to put the button, and sew them using the yarn you used for the headband.

That easy =)

Crochet Rose Headband
Tips: For babies, measure their head circumference and add 1-2 inches to the headband size. You may look at the head measurement below so your baby can use their headbands from 0-12 months or up.

Headband Measurements
Newborn 13"
3-6 months 14"
6-12 months 16"
12 months-tween 17.5"
Adult 18

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