January 21, 2013

Simple Crochet Flower Headbands

Hello everyone!

Today, I will share with you how to make a simple crochet flower headbands.

You will need:
Acrylic yarn (colors of your choice)
Pearl or small buttons
Hook (6/10)
Glue gun
Garter (color depends on your choice)

Here's how to do it:

For the Flower

Start with a Magic Ring. [CH2, 2DC, CH2, sl st into the ring]* Do this 5 times to make 5 petals. Fasten off. Pull the Magic Ring to make the flower tighter.

Make 2 more flowers of the same colors or depending on your choice of color combinations.

Attach a pearl or small button on each flower using a glue gun. 

You can crochet the band or you can just use a thin garter as band. Cut a desired length of the garter and use a glue gun to join it into a ring. Attach the flowers using the glue gun. You can put felt cloth at the back of the flowers to better hold them in place.

You are done!

P. S.: In case you don't have time to make, you can order them here.
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  1. Congrats to your new website, Mommy Maye! I hope many bloggers will find this site and order from you cute pieces of handmade items. Btw, would you like us to be each other's follower?

    1. Hi Farida! I have already followed your blog :)

  2. i find it difficult following the process of crocheting, i think this is not my thing hahaha; your headbands looks nice...keep it up

  3. Cute nga..veery simple but elegant kapag nasuot na...