April 17, 2013

Crochet Basics: How to Hold and Control the Yarn

After I showed you the different types of yarn, let's us learn how to hold and control the yarn.

Here are illustrations showing how to how the yarn. (Click the photo to enlarge)

At first, it is hard to hold the yarn. The first time I hold the yarn, it will accidentally slip out of my hands so I have to position it again. Until such time I get used to it and I became less conscious about it.

Anyway, here are ways to control the yarn. (Click the photo to enlarge)

Source: how-to-crochet.co.uk

Want to see how we hold the yarn and the hook?

This is me holding the yarn and the hook

This is Daddy Allan holding the yarn and the hook

See, we crochet differently. Daddy crochets a little tighter than I do. There's this one time we try to crochet a pair of booties. I crochet the other half and Daddy crochet the other one. We follow the same pattern then when we try to compare sizes, mine is larger. Lol. So what to do? We have different tension so we can't crochet one same project that's why we have division of projects instead.

Do you still find crocheting hard? Yes at first, but practice makes perfect right?

Happy crocheting!

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  1. It's so cool that both you and your hubby can crochet. I'm not good at this but may try in the future.

  2. I hold yarns in different way.

  3. I wanna learn how to do this someday, its cute!:)

  4. cool.. your husband knows to crochet too.. hehehe

  5. OMG. Even the hands there's a right way for it? Mommy Maye, this is too much hahaha! So proud of you.

  6. Kailangan mo na kami bigyan ng video tutorial, Maye!

  7. I always have a hard time with crochet. I will revisit dreating one when the day comes.

  8. hehehe cute! find it amusing that you and daddy allan crochet together... :D

    i remember being thought about this basics back in highschool but didn't really get to do it right... except for one straight crochet hehehehe.... i wonder how i passed that part of the subject hehehe

  9. It sure is fun to create something with the hands. I wish I could be good at handicrafts. I don't even know how to sew, haha!