April 13, 2013

Crochet Basics: Types of Crochet Hook

As I have said in my previous post about the anatomy of crochet hook, there are different types of crochet hooks to choose from. And here are the most popular hooks.

Steel Hooks from Crochet Spot

Steel Hook is the first hook we bought. I remember it was the hook I used when I did my mother did my crochet project in my home economics class way back in my Elementary days. I think this hook goes well with cotton yarn for making appliques and laces. 

When we are just starting our crocheting business, I practice crocheting using steel hook that Daddy bought. I used it with acrylic yarn and its an epic fail, haha. Since I use the smaller steel hook, the acrylic yarn keeps on slipping out and I can't even make chains properly. It's so hard to yarn over then pull through the stitch. That makes me want to quit and not go on with crocheting. I just thought you can use any hook with any yarn but it's not.

Aluminum Hooks from Crochet Spot

Aluminum Hook saved my crocheting. One day, after work, I went to a sewing supply store and asked them if they have larger hooks. The sales lady showed me a larger size of steel hook but still that won't give me an easy time with acrylic yarn. So I asked her again, I said I want a larger hook. She looked around and found an aluminum hook. I showed that to Daddy and the rest is history =)

I am planning to buy either Bates or Boyes aluminum hook. These are much expensive than what I bought at that store but the quality is much better. The cheaper aluminum hook has a problem with the fading cover/surface paints making the hook rough and so the yarn will not be held smoothly.

Bamboo Hooks from Crochet Spot

Bamboo Hook is getting popular nowadays. This is because compared to aluminum hook, about 60% lighter. When you are used to using aluminum hook then you will surely encounter tension problem using this.

Acrylic Hooks from Crochet Spot
The acrylic hook is new to me. This is said to be weighed as light as the bamboo hooks.

Aluminum, bamboo and acrylic hooks have the same sizes. Aluminum and acrylic hooks comes in different colors just like the photos above.

Also, I just learned that hooks have two structure, the inline throat and "not inline" (tapered) hook.

This is an inline hook. The width of the throat is the same all the way down the hook. You can see that the head of the hook is in line with the body. This design helps crocheter to keep more even gauge.

Inline Hook from Nerdigurumi

And this the "not inline" hook. You can see that the "not inline" (tapered) hook has a much smaller head compared to where the throat meets the shaft.  

Not Inline Hook from Nerdigurumi

I look at my hook and I have "not inline" hook. Though most of the crochet patterns I see don't specify an inline or not inline gauge. I have yet to try an inline hook and see the difference. Most Bates hooks are inline hooks so I will buy one set of this to know the difference.

So that's the different kinds of crochet hooks. Next post will be about how to hold a hook.

What's the hook you are using now? Please share.

Happy crocheting!
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  1. Wow, I never knew there were a variety of hooks! This is indeed one hobby that will never bore you on a carefree day!

  2. I never knew about these! The only hook I ever used was the steel hook.

  3. There are lots of hooks pala! I only know the steel hook

  4. Me too, I only thought there's only 1 hook for all, hahaha! I think we used to have the #10, basta the regular one lang.

  5. wow, i didn't know they're a bamboo hook pala! nice! :-)

  6. I also know of the steel type lang that I saw my mom using. Ang cute naman nung colored ones.