March 15, 2013

Scott Kelby

Scott Kelby (Source)

I just want to share where I get my photography tips for beginners like me. I got those from the book by Scott Kelby entitled The Digital Photography Books 1 to 3 (e-book). I am still reading and getting tips on the first book.

Who is Scott Kelby?

He was born in Florida and residing in Tampa Bay Area, a photographer, a designer and an award-winning author of more than 50 books about digital photography, Photoshop Training DVDs and online courses. Dozens of his books were translated into different languages. I will be lucky enough if I can have at least 1 of his book.

In 2007, he created Kelby Media Group, a software training, education and publishing firm wherein he was the president. He is also a teacher on Photoshop and photography at He co-founded and was president of National Association of Photoshop Professionals (NAPP). He was also the Editor-in-Chief for Photoshop User, hosts several shows at and co-host of PhotoshopTV and Photoshop Tips-N-Tricks.

With such achievements, I guess I will really learn a lot from him in photography.

How about you, from whom did you get your photography tips?
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