March 4, 2013

Beautiful Crochet Booties and Headbands

Like what I have said, I love crocheting pretty things. So here's another batch of MTOs we just finished.

Crochet Bumblebee, Hello Kitty and Doll Booties; and crochet flower and Hello Kitty headbands
Hello Kitty booties is our best seller booties now. I know I owe you the pattern. I will post it soon, please bear with me =) 

I also made a Hello Kitty face headband to match the booties.

I personally love the two flower headbands made by Daddy Allan. He helped me with these before he move on to the next batch of orders.

If you want to order, just leave a personal message at Momaye's Shoppe.

That's it. Free patterns coming soon.
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  1. Would really looove the free pattern! I like the headband too by the way :)

  2. They are such pretty patterns and I love the color combinations you use. :-)

  3. You really have a great talent with the yarn

  4. Wow! Mommy Maye, level up! Next in line, hair dress for little ones :)