March 10, 2013

Craft-piration: Crocheting is more addictive than chocolates

Crochet Quotes via Pinterest

Obviously, for me it's a yes. I can live without chocolates but never without my hook and yarn. I am a crochet addict that is. =)

Have a crafty Blessed Sunday!
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  1. It truly is addicting! ^_^ I had to stop for a while, though. My fingers experienced numbness due to repetitive tasks. LOL

  2. That's great Mom Maye! What's important is you find something you truly love doing and do it addictive-ly for the good! :)

  3. for someone like you who loves crocheting I will certainly agree to the quote.. Singlemom Reviews

  4. I already started on my crochet project, kung pwede sabay lamon ng chocolate gagawin ko. hehehe :) It is very addictive, it actually took me away from the computer! :)

  5. I wish I could be addicted to other stuff aside from chocolate lol