February 10, 2013

Craft-piration: Don't be afraid to fail

Crafty Sunday morning!

Here's our Craft-piration for today.

Don't be afraid to fail because that's when creativity starts.

Have a blessed crafty day!
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  1. I agree. Don't ever be afraid to fail. Because that's the time when you start learning how to be successful and how to achieve the goals in life.

  2. Don't take a failure as the end of the road, instead, take it as a stop over for a long winding road! :)

  3. Can't agree much. Failure is not a defeat but a sign of being able to take part in a battle.

  4. Failing is not an option at all but getting up and starting again is. It's a cycle and that is if one is not afraid to start again. :-)

  5. You're right! Failing is not always a bad thing. It's when you fail at the same thing over and over again, that's scary. :D When it comes to art, I'd like to try and try.

  6. well we need to fail sometimes to know how was it to fail and to appreciate it very much when we win.

  7. This applies to chasing our dreams, too! Too often it's because we are afraid to fail that we fail to start.