February 2, 2013

Craft-piration: Facts about Crocheting

Crafty morning!

Here are interesting facts about crocheting.

Awesome right? So hold a hook and yarn now and start crocheting :)

Have a crafty day!
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  1. I think i will make it a goal to be able to finish one crochet project before i turn 40:)

  2. sana lang marunong ako mag crochet, kaya lang i am crafty kasi, wala akung hilig...Singlemom Reviews

  3. I remember doing crochet in high school, but I remember that I could never do it the ways others did! So this is also one of the crafts, I gave up on as early as after high school!

  4. Interesting fact... I did other crafts after like cross-stitching and paper tole... but haven't also done it for years. I think blogging is the one taking over my craft time!

  5. Interesting fact. I still haven't tried crocheting until now.lol I used to had fun with cross-stitch though.

  6. Yup, that's what I'm planning to do for the following days. I want to at least learn how to crochet.

  7. Is it true? I dont know if I can do this.. I can cross-stitch though :)