February 12, 2013

My Crochet Hello Kitty Booties

I have told here that I am working with a new design of Hello Kitty Booties. Well, I have finished two already and here they are.

This is the first Hello Kitty with a white face I made.

Crochet fuchsia pink Hello Kitty booties with white Hello Kitty face

And this another Hello Kitty booties with black face.

Crochet fuchsia pink Hello Kitty booties with black Hello Kitty face
I am still fixing some glitches with the pattern I have done. Once I made it a little perfect then I will gladly share it with you. That's a promise. If I do forget it, please message me okay?

Meanwhile, you can order a pair or two at Momaye's Shoppe. Just leave a message and I will attend to you as fast as I could. Honestly, I am having a hard time beating the MTO deadlines since some of my lovely clients order in bulk. Imagine MTOs of 10+ booties for a client. I am figuring it out how can I apply the lead time if its bulk orders. Maybe I could adjust the lead time if it's bulk. What do you think?

But I am very glad that my clients understand. Thank you so much fro the trust.

Happy crocheting!
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  1. Ang cute! Sayang my daughter is big na.

  2. cute booties indeed!
    goodluck to your business daming order

  3. Really cool booties..so cute!! don't know how to knit so I guess I'm better off purchasing then making one :)

    1. Hi Dominique! It's actually crochet. I want to know how to knit too. But I just find it complicated since you need to hold two needles at the same time.

  4. Grabe nga daming booties...Entend na lang ang lead time kapag madami na talaga...ngarag mode na tayo palagi..Mas mabuti na lang na ngarag kaysa nganga! hehehe

    1. Korek Daddy. So mamaya ha kelangan matapos na. Hehe