February 21, 2013

How To Make a Perfect Bow

I am planning to make hair bows and felt flowers as addition to our crochet items.

I remember before while searching about making cloth flowers, I saw a template for making a perfect bow so I searched the net.

Here are what I have found.

bow template, Bows, Ribbons,
Perfect Ribbon
And here's another creative way to create a perfect bow.

bow template, Bows, Ribbons,
Making a bow using fork
I never thought I can use a fork to make a perfect bow but it can be.

And here's the bow easy template I am looking for.

bow template, Bows, Ribbons,
Boweasy template
I will try to make the same template so I can make a perfect bow. I am so excited to start this new product and hopefully I can take a small break from crocheting to give way for this new project. Can't wait to show you my new creations.

Craft and be happy!
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  1. Ang galing. Using fork. hehehe..Next time try ko gawin to kapag may kailangan ng bow sa crochet items natin.

  2. great share.. i cant make a perfect bow kasi, i should follow the steps next time i try to make bows-Singlemom Reviews

  3. Soon you'll have many bows cluttered around hehehe. So that's how they make bows so perfect....I only know how to do it like the first image. :-)

  4. happy I stumbled upon your blog! I super duper want to do diy stuff for my little girl=)

  5. last Christmas, gumawa rin ako ng simple ribbons and bow for gifts. It is actually exciting.