February 26, 2013


Glutinous Rice Balls
This is also called as Ginataang Bilo-bilo or Tambutambong in Ilocano.

I remember when I was a kid that this merienda is always present on whatever occassion  especially in barrios.

The conventional way of making the main ingredient of this snack is by soaking glutinous rice overnight and bringing it to market for grinding. Good thing there are already glutinous rice flour in the maket making the preparation less hassle.
You will need:
4 cups of glutinous rice flour mixed with water to make a dough
3-4 medium size sweet potato (kamote), cubed
6 pieces saging na saba, diced
3 cups cooked sago
2 cups of kakang gata (first extract coconut milk)
6 cups 2nd extract cococnut milk
2 cup sugar

Here’s how to do it:
Form about ¼ inch diameter-balls of glutinous rice flour dough. Set aside.

In a large pot, add sugar, 2nd coconut milk extract and mix until sugar is dissolved. Place over heat and let it boil. Add kamote and “rice balls”. When the rice balls starts to float, add saging na saba and sago. Simmer for another minute then add 1 ½ cup of kakang gata. Simmer for another minute.

Serve topped with a slice of inangit (glutinous rice cooked like ordinary rice using coconut milk) and a bout tbsp of kakang gata.

Who can think this ingredients,

will turn into this!
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