February 26, 2013

Another batch of crochet MTOs and counting...

When I told we are running after time, yes that's so true. Crochet MTOs are pouring so we need to double our time in crocheting.

So here's another batch of crochet made to orders.

Crochet Hello Kitty booties, doll booties, t-strap booties, gladiator sandals and barefoot flowers
I have been receiving any orders for Hello Kitty booties. I can't blame them because it is so cute =) By the way, I made the red Hello Kitty booties, the doll booties and the barefoot flowers. While the brown t-strap booties and the yellow gladiator sandals were made by Daddy. He's helping me with the booties since we received so many orders of booties.

Please visit Momaye's Shoppe for more designs. We can also make customized booties of your choice.

I am working on a new batch now. I will show you them when all done =)
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1 comment:

  1. Looks very cute. Hopefully our customers will really like this one.